What to Expect – (Availability) Wood Pellet Spring Sale 2021

We hope everyone soaked up some vitamin D with this much needed dose of spring weather. 

Let’s begin with the good news.  We will have all of our popular brands available for our spring sale which begins this Monday, March 15th.  Most of our brands will be available for pickup (if needed) when the sale begins, or shortly there after.  Tractor trailer loads have already began to arrive.  And they will continue rolling in throughout the next few weeks. 

We did our best to secure as much inventory as possible for our sale, but most of the mills are still trying to catch up from this cold winter and don’t have much to spare.  So it is very likely that we will sell out of a few brands before the sales ends. 

This leads us to pricing

When we hear the word sale, we imagine big savings.  That is typically the case with our spring sale.  But although 2020 is over, it’s effects have carried over and are driving up prices on many goods and services, if you can find them at all.  You may see the inflated prices at the grocery store with bread, milk, eggs… You may have noticed the price of gas is steadily climbing.  If you’re buying lumber for a job or project, then you’re definitely not happy about the price of plywood and 2×4’s, which has nearly tripled.  And the price of heating oil is up considerably over this time last year.  The list goes on and on.  Unfortunately the price of wood pellets, blocks and coal is up as well over last spring, and freight costs are driving prices up even higher on them and most other products. 

So when you’re not blown away with the savings that you’ve come to expect with our spring sales, we’d like you to focus on availability.  The specific brand of heating fuel that you and your stove love to burn will be available during our sale.  For those that didn’t order in the spring last year, you likely experienced being on one of our waiting lists.  Whether it was Supreme Douglas Fir or Minute Man Gold which were out of stock for much of the season.  When they did become available, they sold out in a day or two.  EasyBlaze was out of stock everywhere for nearly two months in the heart of the heating season.  The same goes for Hamers Hot Ones.  We only received 3 loads of Barefoot this winter.  Our waiting list for Barefoot Easy Lift bags started last spring and we finally caught up in early February.  Envi Blocks and Energy Logs were no exeption.  We’re still having a difficult time getting them.  And while we’re right next door to the heart of anthracite coal country, we still saw 4 to 5 week turnarounds on our coal orders from the mine. 

The positive take away from this is that our spring sale customers never have to worry about the shortages.  Nor do they have to endure the four week delivery time frame as do the customers that order just as the weather gets cold.  Availability.  Your fuel is available in our spring sale.  We store it indoors for free.  And you choose your preferred delivery month (July through February).  Pickup customers have until March 12th, 2022 to pickup up their order in full.  It doesn’t get much more stress free than that.  

As always, we wish our customers and their families the very best. It was difficult year for everyone, and we appreciate your continued support. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. – Heather & Joe

2021 Spring Wood Pellet Sale

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