Our Wood Pellets



Friends don’t let friends get cold. The Bucks Pellets family understands the unpredictability of Mother Nature. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on our energy-efficient wood pellets and stay prepared. With so many options, it’s often difficult to figure out which pellets are best for you.

Douglas Fir Pellets

Natural Douglas Fir Pellets have many benefits:

  • They are long lasting.
  • They burn at incredibly high temperatures (9000 BTU Output)
  • They are 100% natural and leave minimal carbon footprint.
  • They are energy efficient.
  • They create virtually zero ash.

Softwood Pellets

Our Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir Pellets by Bear Mountain, as well as our Olympus Douglas Fir wood pellet produce less than .20% ash and have up to 9000 BTU / LB output. These are great for many types of stoves and other heating devices because they require fewer clean outs than 100% hardwood pellets. Different types of softwood include pine, spruce, and fir.

It’s always better to have wood fuel and not need it than to need it and not have it. When the flurries start falling, toasty and cozy is the only way to be! Trust Bucks Pellets to help guide you to the best heating solution for you and your home. Check out our amazing catalog filled with diverse options:



northern warmth pellets northampton pa


Back by Popular Demand!! By Far the Hottest Douglas Fir Wood Pellet on the Market. These pellets produce virtually zero ash!

  • TYPE: Softwood
  • WOOD: 100% Douglas Fir
  • BTU / LB: >9000
  • ASH % 0.15
  • LENGTH ” 0.50

If you liked Okanagan Douglas Fir, you’ll love these!!


northern warmth pellets northampton pa


100% Natural Douglas Fir from Oregon, by Bear Mountain

  • TYPE: Softwood
  • WOOD: 100% Douglas Fir
  • BTU / LB: Up To 9000
  • ASH % 0.17
  • LENGTH ” 0.50

Universally accepted by seasoned stove owners as one of, if not the very best wood pellet fuel available anywhere.


EasyBlaze Wood Pellets northampton pa


Back by Popular Demand!! Produces the Best Heat for your money!!

  • TYPE: Softwood
  • WOOD: 100% Southern Yellow Pine
  • BTU / LB: Up To 8900
  • ASH 0.26% to 0.40%
  • FINES % 0.2

An excellent 100% softwood pellet at a hardwood price!! If you’ve been wanting to burn a good softwood pellet but didn’t want to pay the premium price, then this is a great choice.



Okie Reds – Same Great Pellets in a New Bag!!

  • TYPE: Softwood
  • WOOD: 100% Spruce
  • BTU / LB: 8883
  • ASH % 0.29
  • LENGTH ” 0.5
  • FINES % 0.4

These burn consistently hot with a very low amount of ash and outperform all hardwood pellets in PA!!



An excellent Southern Yellow Pine Pellet Fuel.

  • TYPE: Softwood
  • WOOD: 100% Yellow Pine
  • BTU / LB: 8600
  • ASH % 0.27
  • LENGTH ” 0.5
  • Fines % 0.4

This product has fewer clean out than 100% hardwood pellet fuels



They aren’t called Hot Ones for nothing!

  • TYPE: Hardwood
  • WOOD: 100% Oak
  • BTU / LB: 8500
  • ASH % 0.49
  • LENGTH ” 0.50
  • FINES % 0.50

One of our Favorite hardwood pellets. Made from 100% Appalachian Oak.


barefoot pellets bucks county pa


Once Barefoot Always Barefoot. Produced in Troy, PA.

  • TYPE: Hardwood
  • WOOD: Oak
  • BTU / LB: 8530
  • ASH % 0.38
  • LENGTH ” 0.75
  • FINES % 0.17



Once Barefoot Always Barefoot. Produced in Troy, PA.

  • TYPE: Hardwood
  • WOOD: Oak
  • BTU / LB: 8530
  • ASH % 0.38
  • LENGTH ” 0.75
  • FINES % 0.17

Same great wood pellet in a New Easy Lift 23.8 lb bag!!

american wood fiber montgomery county pa


Made from Choice Hardwoods

  • TYPE: Hardwood
  • WOOD: Red/White Oak
  • BTU / LB: 8200
  • ASH % 0.75
  • LENGTH ” < 1.5
  • FINES % 0.5


As you can see, we have quite the selection. We specialize in delivery orders of all sizes to Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA, Lehigh County PA, Northampton PA, and all of the surrounding communities.

We also allow customers to come to our headquarters to pick up exclusive products such as our 9 Bag Softwood Sampler. If you have any questions, call us anytime. We take pride in what we do and look forward to helping you find the perfect heat source for you and your loved ones!