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by Paul K on Bucks Pellets

Got 3 tons here, top quality pellets, never thought pellets made a difference until I tried theirs.

by John Waros, Hellertown, Pa on Bucks Pellets

Absolutely the best folks to work with. I ordered two deliveries this year, (first time pellet stove user), and both deliveries of two tons each were absolutely flawless. They were put exactly where I wanted them, and the drivers are more than courteous and helpful. Heather provides excellent communication as to when deliveries can be made and will work with your schedule. I’m using Barefoot brand pellets and have no issues with them. Definitely found my supplier of choice for the years to come!

by Paul C on Bucks Pellets

Great customer service. And the best product at the best price.Great people to support.

by Keith - Warrington, PA on Bucks Pellets

This is the second season for a delivery without an issue. Third season with just getting pellets without any hassle or issue. Great company to deal with.

by Richard G. Hatfield, PA on Bucks Pellets

This is the second season that I have ordered, and had garage delivery. I am very pleased with the online process, and the delivery was right where I asked them to place the pallets. It is so much easier this way.

by Kris on Bucks Pellets

My go to! Always great specials too. Thanks a bunch!

by John S, Bedminster, Pa on Bucks Pellets

Our first delivery was great! I did not realize that the pellets had arrived until I looked out the window. Price was good! We will use Bucks Pellets again. I just came from Lowes where some poor guy was trying to get the fork-lift operator to place the pallet on his trailer. What a mess! He loaded the fifty bags by hand. Can’t beat that modest delivery charge!

by Dave Thomas, Silverdale, Pa on Bucks Pellets

We have had our heater for all eight years we have lived in our house and at first I wasn’t even sure if I was operating it correctly. I went to the Home Depot and bought the pellets they used and then when they ran out of stock late one season I had to go to another store and got what they called the premium pellets. They were definitely better than the Home Depot brand but still never gave off a lot of heat. I always figured that this was just what the pellet stove was capable of and never questioned if it could be better than it was. It looked good and if you got the fire high enough it could make some heat. However this year when the sub Siberian Express hit our area in late January and we were running out of the pellets from the other store it was a Sunday and they weren’t open. So I decided to do my homework and looked up what the best pellets could be and found something called softwood pellets. The reviews were back and forth and the opinions were too but I decided to look a little further. I was so lucky to find a dealer right down the road that I had driven by dozens of other times on the way to Doylestown and they also were smart enough to have a website where I could use my paypal account like I do for so many other purchases online and for my own small video business as well. I was thrilled. The reviews were good and for only two more dollars a bag I figured it was worth the gamble. As soon as we got those pellets in the stove everything was different. We used to always have to worry about jams and little pieces of pellets clogging up the entire inside of the stove and always worried about having to keep it lit but what I found with the ultimate premium softwood pellets was amazing. They give us a huge amount of heat and make very little waste in the ash bin. They burn equally and amazingly. I now know my stove can not only look good but it really did heat up the entire downstairs of our house which was something we have never experienced before. I will absolutely never buy another kind of pellet ever again. For only a few dollars more the difference was absolutely astonishing.

by Ken & Cindy, Riegelsville, Pa on Bucks Pellets

We had our first delivery today very nice people to deal with. Heather was very friendly had delivery two hours ahead of time.Thanks again

by Hoyt S, Hilltown, Pa on Bucks Pellets

Douglas Fir pellets are absolutely the best!! I emailed with Joe a few times before purchasing the Okanagan Douglas Fir pellets. I have burned other “superior” softwood pellets, but the Douglas Fir pellets are absolutely the best I’ve had! Been burning them for weeks now, and have had NO cleanings whatsoever yet! They burn so clean (and HOT)! Location is awesome...just 10 minutes from my home. Customer service was fantastic. I was able to stop in first and see what I was buying prior to actually purchasing them, which was a plus compared to my previous experience with another company located in New England. Paid roughly the same price for “Rocket Fuel” with delivery as my prior (lesser) pellets with delivery. I can honestly say that the phrase “Rocket Fuel” is completely accurate, and that I will probably never use any other brand of pellets ever again! Thanks for all your help, Joe! I’ll see you all again for my pellet needs!

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