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Bucks Pellets
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 36 reviews
by Karen Peterson on Bucks Pellets

Just ordered my pellets for the winter. We were able to try out several brands before purchasing the ton. I love the Barefoot Easy Lift size. And they are stored until I need them.

by Bill lewison on Bucks Pellets

Love Bucks Pellets. Great staff. Awesome pellets.  I love Easyblaze.  Thank you!!!

by Louis Picone on Bucks Pellets

These guys are not only supplying me with Pellets; they've also given me good advise on which Pellets are burning best at the time. I had to switch from Hamers to Barefoot this year, but they're great! Good people at Bucks Pellets!

by tony rago tullytown on Bucks Pellets

I have been burning pellets for over 6 yrs now and was turned onto Softwoods after vising Buckspellets at the old location.. although I have a Harman monster P61A which would burn rocks if needed, could not get away from lots of ash from most hardwoods from box stores and my actually stove dealer. which brings me to a top brand I have burned for past couple years that I discovered thru buckspellets.. EZBlaze Super premiums which are hands down almost as hot as Douglas firs... great softwood with very little ash.. I have noticed the brand has changed a bit in the past year[many legit reasons for brand changes] most noticeble in color which is not a problem.. But The heat they bring has not changed [well above 8600 BTU's] and if anything a major plus is the bags have pretty much zilch fines which was my only critique of the previous Blaze pellets.. A good and easy buying experience each year to have my pellets delivered exactly where we want and you cannot beat free storage if room is a own Harman stove dealer will not keep pellets for more than 2 weeks so we stopped using them long time ago. definitely a 5 Star Business.!!

by Marc Perkasie PA on Bucks Pellets

I have been heating with pellets for seven years. We have two stoves that burn almost 24/7, and we burn anywhere between 6 and 10 tons a year depending on the severity of the winter. We have learned how important quality is when picking pellets both in terms of heat and cleaning. Up until last year we were using another provider burning a west coast soft wood pellet at about $325 per ton. I can't tell you how much better soft wood pellets are as compared to hardwood. I was cleaning about every three weeks as compared to every week or week and a half. Buck's turned me on to Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir. Took a chance at $400 per ton, absolutely worth it. I was never able to turn my stoves down in the past even with the expensive pellets. With these pellets we have our stoves set at 1 as compared to 3, AND, I have only cleaned once so far this year, amazing. There is a very noticeable heat difference, at least in our stoves. Give a few bags a try and see for yourself, but do yourself a favor and clean your stove first so you will see just how little residual there is, you will notice the heat difference right away. Good luck

by Kurt, Warminster,Pa on Bucks Pellets

I am a first time pellet stove user and Bucks Pellets was recommended by a friend. I use the Barefoot brand and the Hammer's hot ones which are both top quality but the Lignetics gold I am not impressed with. Great customer service, prices and the delivery guy knows exactly where to place the product. I will have that stove for years to come and Bucks Pellets will be where I purchase my pellets from. Keep supporting your local business.

by Paul K on Bucks Pellets

Got 3 tons here, top quality pellets, never thought pellets made a difference until I tried theirs.

by John Waros, Hellertown, Pa on Bucks Pellets

Absolutely the best folks to work with. I ordered two deliveries this year, (first time pellet stove user), and both deliveries of two tons each were absolutely flawless. They were put exactly where I wanted them, and the drivers are more than courteous and helpful. Heather provides excellent communication as to when deliveries can be made and will work with your schedule. I’m using Barefoot brand pellets and have no issues with them. Definitely found my supplier of choice for the years to come!

by Paul C on Bucks Pellets

Great customer service. And the best product at the best price.
Great people to support.

by Keith - Warrington, PA on Bucks Pellets

This is the second season for a delivery without an issue. Third season with just getting pellets without any hassle or issue. Great company to deal with.

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