2021 Summer Early Buy! – Sale ends Friday 6/11 at Midnight

Quick Update…

This will be a very difficult year to keep heating fuel in stock

We hope everyone is staying cool!  We seem to have skipped spring and jumped straight into the middle of summer.  The last thing anyone wants to think about during this heat wave is… heating fuel.  But unfortunately we can’t postpone our preparation for the inevitable winter heating season.  And just to complicate matters, shortages and significant price increases have already begun for wood pellets , blocks, logs and coal.

The Summer Early Buy will run for only 4 days do to the lack of available inventory.  Our Summer Early Buy typically occurs in July each year, but we don’t anticipate having any inventory available in July.  Indoor storage is close to full capacity due to the unprecedented response to our Spring Sale.  So any orders after this Friday 6/11, will be charged a nominal flat storage fee of $20 if you’d prefer to store your fuel order with us for a later delivery / pickup month.  


Only Barefoot Hardwood Pellets (40 & 23 lb bags), and Matra Softwood Pellets will be available during our Summer Early Buy.  We have very limited supply of these two brands.
Hamers, EasyBlaze, NW Supreme Douglas Fir and Minute Man Gold Douglas Fir wood pellets are currently Out Of Stock.  Between the lack of sawdust at the mills and trucking shortages, we don’t have any idea when we’ll receive more of these products.

Please contact us to be added to the wait list for any of the out of stock brands mentioned above.  If you’re already on the wait list, we haven’t forgotten about you.  We will contact you if and when they arrive.


Blaschak Bagged Coal- We are landing coal loads as quickly as we can.  Between the increases from the mine and freight costs, coal is expected to jump $25 per ton by the end of June.  So if coal is your fuel of choice, now is the time to place your order.


For our Energy logs and Envi Block customers, we currently do not have any inventory available.  Please contact us to be added to our wait list.

Every year we worry about possible shortages and price increases as the season begins.  This year they’re already here, and it’s only June.  This will be a very difficult year to keep pellet fuel, blocks, logs and coal in stock at an affordable price.

As always, we appreciate your support of our small business.  Thank you, and stay cool this summer.

Heather & Joe

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