Uncharted Territory – Spring Wood Pellet Sale Starts Early

So much for enjoying this much needed mild finish to the season. Especially after powering through the previous two long, cold and damp winters. We’re now at the end of days. Not because there isn’t any toilet paper available, but because our spring sale is now unexpectedly forced to begin a month early.

And here’s why …

Whether you do or don’t believe that the most recent Corona Virus is a serious threat to the public health, we do know for sure that the panic and/or precautionary measures being implemented nationwide are directly effecting the economy and industries across the country. Unfortunately, the wood pellet industry is not immune to this. In a good year when all mills are operating at peak production, the industry has a difficult time keeping up with demand. We’ve seen how the pellet fuel market is effected when a couple of mills are closed for a period of time due to fire. With the prospect of many mills running at less than full capacity due to employee illnesses or temporarily shutting down for precautionary measures, the industry would likely not be able to produce nearly enough pellet fuel needed for the upcoming season.

In the midst of the most beautiful finish to winter that we can remember, a run on pellet fuel has already begun. Mills have provided us little confidence that they would still have pellets available in April. After serious consideration, we’ve decided to begin our Spring Sale this upcoming Monday, March 16th. As it stands right now, here is the current state of each of our popular pellet brands.

Wood Pellet Fuel Brands

  • Northern Warmth Super Spruce – Out of Stock
    • Will not receive any more for the upcoming season.
  • Minute Man Gold Douglas Fir – Backordered
    • We may receive a few loads by the end of April. Contact us to be added to the wait list.
  • Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir – Currently In Stock
    • Limited supply at current price. Price will increase $15 – $20 per ton once our initial loads are sold.
  • Matra – Currently In Stock
    • Limited supply at the sale price. Price will increase $10 – $15 per ton once our initial loads are sold.
  • EasyBlaze – Currently In Stock
    • As usual, will sell very quickly.
  • Hamer’s Hot Ones – Currently In Stock
  • Barefoot Hardwood 40 lb bags – Will be In Stock on Monday.
    • Limited supply. May only be available during our spring sale.
  • Barefoot Easy Lift 23 lb bags – Backordered
    • We expect a very limited number of loads to arrive by mid April. Contact us to be added to the wait list.

Blocks & Logs

  • Envi & Envi 8 Blocks – Currently In Stock
    • Very limited supply, but at an excellent price.
  • North Idaho Energy Logs – Currently Unavailable
    • We don’t have an expected ETA. Contact us to be added to the wait list.

Blaschack Bagged Anthracite Coal

  • Rice Coal, Pea Coal & Nut Coal – Will be In Stock

We will honor our original spring sale dates April 15th – May 5th. But please keep in mind that product availability and pricing will likely change by then. We know that with everything currently going on, heating fuel is the last thing you need to worry about. That’s why we provide free storage and your choice of a delivery month when you place an order during our spring sale. And, you don’t have to leave your home to place your order. This way you can focus on more important matters.

Whatever our immediate future holds, we wish all of our customers and families the very best. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. – Heather & Joe


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