Stock up on Pellet Fuel During Our Spring Sale

Who would’ve thought recycled sawdust could provide so much heat?

And for so cheap!

Wood pellet energy demand is currently on the rise in North America and those tiny little pellets are lowering tons of heating bills. The cost of heating fuel has risen dramatically and people are seeking alternative ways to warm their homes.

Enter the wood pellet.

We at Bucks Pellets have the best wood pellets in Northampton County, PA, and surrounding areas and we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on our huge spring sale, which begins on April 15th. Northern Warmth Douglas Fir and Hamer’s Hot Ones will headline our spring sale. Here are a few benefits from stocking up on pellet fuel during our spring sale.

Pricing – This is our best pricing of the year for pellet fuel, so make sure you stock up and save some money on your heating bill. Even as the weather gets warmer and pellets are less necessary, put your mind at ease knowing that you’re heating fuel is already secure for next season.

  • Free Storage – We offer free storage during the sale for customers that don’t have the room to store the pellets at home. We will make sure that your pellets are placed inside a dry area that is free from flooding, mold and humidity.
  • Avoid Shortages – It’s better to be safe than sorry and it’ll be worth it on that first bitterly cold day next winter. A 40-pound bag of pellet fuel can supply up to 24 hours of reliable heat and the children won’t be complaining when that stove provides consistent heat while the howling winds produce wind chills in the teens outside.
  • Choose your Delivery Month – Our delivery trucks start rolling again in July, and will keep going straight through February. When you order during our spring sale, simply pick which month you’d like your wood pellet heating fuel delivered and we’ll make it happen.

Bucks Pellets supplies pellet fuel all year long and always has at least six different brands available. As for our headliner wood pellet brands for the spring sale, here’s some more information about them.

  • Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir – With up to 9,000 BTUs, these softwood pellets produce the most heat out of the brands we have in stock. They produce basically no ash evidenced by the .17 ash percentage.
  • Hamer’s Hot Ones – These hardwood pellets are made from 100 percent Appalachian Oak. They have a BTU rating of 8,500 and ash percentage of .49 percent.  You won’t find a hotter hardwood pellet for the price in this market at their low spring sale price.

To learn more about Bucks Pellets, a leading barefoot wood pellets supplier in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding counties, interested parties can visit their website or give them a call at 267-999-9135.


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