The Hottest Gift for your Holiday Wishlist is Here

What are some things that people take for granted? Internet? Electricity? Pizza Delivery?

While those are all good answers (and true), let’s delve a little deeper anyway. Think of the most basic of human needs. Shelter. Water. Family dinners.

You definitely don’t need WiFi for a successful holiday meal with your loved ones. One thing you should have [and likely take for granted] is the ability to control your home’s temperature. Your great aunt Lucille is not going to want to come share some eggnog if your home is unheated.

That’s where we come in. Bucks Pellets realizes that it’s the season where warmth takes precedence over most other things. Your children aren’t going to want to gather under the tree to unwrap gifts if they are too busy shivering trying to locate the nearest stack of blankets and covers.

So before you start searching Amazon for the best tech gadgets of today, make sure you have the essentials in order first. That being said, what is the hottest gift for your holiday wishlist this winter? The answer, my friends, is Barefoot Pellets.

Here are a couple of products that will heat up your holiday wishlist:

  • Barefoot Beautifuls [Easy Lift 23.8-pound bags] – Barefoot Pellets are locally sourced right in Troy, PA, and provides stoves with substantial heat and minimal ash. Its BTU/LB rating is 8530, which in layman’s terms means; it’s real hot. It’s ash percentage is only .38%, so you know it’s eco-friendly and super easy to clean. This is why Barefoot Pellets is one of the top brands in the entire Lehigh County, PA, area!Most wood pellet fuel comes in 40 lb bags, and Barefoot is no exception. However, they are also offering their same product in 23.8 lb bags (known as Barefoot Beautiful), which are much easier to manage. This is ideal for individuals with back issues, physical limitations, and storage concerns. We are noticing a lot of older clientele flocking to the new, smaller-sized bags, and its convenience pays dividends. These come in 84-bag skids (tons), as opposed to the 40-lb bags that come 50 bags for every skid.
  • Barefoot Envi Blocks – This compressed wood fuel comes in two different size blocks, and it’s an incredible firewood alternative. These blocks eliminate the need to split, stack, and dry firewood.


By utilizing Bucks Pellets and our selection of Barefoot products, you can achieve multiple New Year’s Resolutions at once:

  1. Go Green – We supply eco-friendly pellets and compressed wood fuels that make for a great renewable energy source. In addition to Barefoot brand pellets, we also stock Douglas Fir Wood Pellets across Lehigh County, PA, and the surrounding communities. These are super hot and clean as well.
  2. Go Light – Barefoot Beautiful bags are light and easy to lift, and their wood blocks are manageable for people of all ages
  3. Stay Mobile – Don’t throw your back out by splitting and hauling firewood across the yard anymore.
  4. Stay Warm & Spend More Time With Family – These two things go hand in hand. Enjoy creating everlasting memories around the dinner table with your family this holiday season and all winter [and all year] long!

Whether you need Barefoot Envi Blocks in Lehigh County or Douglas Fir Wood Pellets in Bucks County, PA, Bucks Pellets is happy to help. We deliver bulk orders right to your door and take pride in making the right recommendations that’ll suit your home warming needs. If you have any questions, call 267-390-4136 or email us at today.

Thanks for reading, and have a holly, jolly, holiday season and and a happy [and heated] New Year!


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