Heat Your [Haunted] House To Avoid Horrifically Cold Nights

Pennsylvanians deal with brisk winters every year, and 2016-17 is no different. September and October behaved for the most part, but there were days (and even weeks) where Mother Nature gave us a free preview of the frigid days that are ahead.

The only thing more horrifying than witches and werewolves is a winter without wood pellets. Bucks Pellets knows this because we have been providing Northampton County, PA, with softwood pellets for many winters. We’ve seen it all. It’s always better to have excess and not need them than to be left empty-handed when you need them the most.

Here are some (of the many) great softwood pellets that will be warming Lehigh County, PA, and the neighboring communities for many years to come:

●     Northern Warmth Douglas Fir – These ferocious fire starters are 100% Douglas Fir. They produce virtually zero ash, are easy to clean, and are incredibly efficient heat sources.

●     Northern Warmth Super Spruce – These are also low-ash and high-heat pellets that outperform hardwood pellets. You can count on these for consistent heat all winter long.

●     Northern Warmth Purely Pine – Produced from Southern Yellow Pine in Georgia.  These are excellent low-ash and high-heat softwood pellets that we burn on a regular basis.

These are all great options to heat your home while preparing for trick-or-treaters this Halloween. There’s no better feeling than returning to your heated home from a cold evening … Well, maybe there is – eating all of that candy you earned while being inside after a brisk night of sugar hunting is pretty awesome too!

In addition to softwood and hardwood pellets, we also supply chilly Pennsylvanians with Blaschak’s Anthracite coal, which is one of the cleanest-burning solid fossil fuels and carbon sources available. This heat source was discovered in Pennsylvania back in 1769 and is used in businesses, schools, homes and places of worship.

This product is one of the most eco-friendly, environmentally responsible energy around:

●     Virtually zero smoke or emissions are produced when it burns

●     No soot or creosote buildup

●     Blaschak replenishes the land that was previously used as old mine sites.

Don’t be scared to call us about efficient energy this Halloween. Beware: Our prices are so fair, you may be left in shock. For more information, call 267-390-4136.


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