The Inside Scoop: What’s New at Bucks Pellets this Fall?

There have been some pretty big changes in the world of pellets over the last few months, and Bucks Pellets is very excited to announce some new product offerings [just in time to warm you up this winter.]

Let’s see. Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

The bad news? Good choice. Let’s get that out of the way…

We have been receiving many inquiries from clients about reordering Okanagan pellets. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we (or anybody) will be restocking this brand of pellets any time soon.

The Bad News: Okanagan Pellet Company is no more. We loved working with OPC and selling their products, but they have officially closed their doors for good.

Cheer Up. Don’t forget about the good news we promised…

The Good News: Northern Warmth has teamed up with Bucks Pellets and will be stepping in to provide our customers three lines of premium pellets. None of our services will change. We will still be offering wood pellet delivery to Lehigh County, PA, and all of Philadelphia’s nearby towns.

Northern Warmth Douglas Fir Wood Pellets In Stock

  • Purely Pine – Southern Yellow Pine produced by Georgia Biomass
    • Same as Okie Golds
  • Super Spruce – Spruce from Eagle Valley Mill in British Columbia, Canada.
    • Same as Okie Platinums (Reds)
  • Douglas Fir – Douglas Fir from Bear Mountain Pellet Mill in Oregon.
    • 100% Natural West Coast Softwood

Bringing in Northern Warmth to replace Okanagan is like when the Green Bay Packers brought in Aaron Rodgers to replace Brett Favre. One Hall of Famer leaves and a future Hall of Famer steps up to take over. (It’s football season; pardon our occasional NFL references.)

Anyway, if you want your home as hot as the Philadelphia Eagles (3-0 at the time we are writing this), you’ve come to the right place. Whether you prefer fir, spruce, or pine, Bucks Pellets stocks all of the top brands that are eco-friendly, clean, and toasty.

We have wood pellets for sale that are available in Lehigh County, PA, Bucks County, PA, and all of their neighboring communities. Our delivery service spans throughout Eastern Pa to keep you stocked up year round. It’s never a bad time to grab some pellets. As we see, sometimes brands become unavailable – So stock up on your favorites while they are still for sale!


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