3 Benefits of Fir Pellets to Heat Your Building

If you are making the switch to 100% natural heating for your home or business, it is important to pick out the right type of wood pellets for your particular situation. While most wood pellets are going to be more cost-effective than always relying on gas or electric heat, there are a few natural products that stand out.

One of these game-changing (and house-heating) options is fir pellets. In particular, Northern Warmth Supreme 100% Natural Douglas Fir Pellets by Bear Mountain, which are available through in 1 Ton (50 bags) orders.

BONUS BENEFIT – these fir pellets last a while!

Here are three other reasons to use fir pellets to heat your home or business:

1 – It’s BLAZING HOT! – These pellets are made from hot-burning Douglas fir, which produces more heat per pound than any of the other premium wood pellet varieties. It has a 9000 BTU Output, which is an extremely high measurement of heat production (see below chart).

Wood pellet fuel comparison

This is ideal for those times you come in from a brisk day and need immediate relief. Defrost yourself properly by burning douglas fir.

2 – It’s Super Clean! – As we previously mentioned, it’s 100% natural. It is also one of the wood pellets that has an extremely low carbon footprint. One University study found that wood pellets can emit about 90% less carbon than heating with oil. Bear Mountain Douglas Fir pellets are also a lot more energy efficient than the alternatives. This is due to their incredibly dry nature which results in less moisture in the pellets and a hotter BTU output.

Due to the extremely low amount of ash that this product produces, it is a quick and easy clean up every time!

3 – Virtually ZERO ASH! – The Bear Mountain wood pellets produce approximately 0.1% ash, which is way less than the PFI Premium standard. To put that in perspective, here are the Ash percentages for some of the other brands:

Generic Store Brands             1%

Dry Creek Hardwood              .75%

Hamers Hardwood                  .49%

Barefoot Hardwood                 .38%

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