Olympus Douglas Fir



Hotter, Drier and Cleaner than industry standards for “Premium” pellets. The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) set standards for all pellets, including “Premium.” Olympus pellets exceed these standards in several important ways:

Heat Output:

Olympus Pellets are made from hot burning Douglas fir, which produces more heat, per pound, than other wood species used to make premium pellets.

25% Drier Pellets:

Olympus Pellets are 25% drier than PFI standards for Premium pellets. Drier pellets contain less water, so they burn more efficiently with more home heat.

75% Cleaner Pellets:

Olympus Pellets produce less than 0.25% ash, which is 75% less than the PFI Premium standard. Less ash means you only need to clean your stove a few times per month.


  • TYPE                   Softwood
  • WOOD                100% Douglas Fir
  • BTU / LB            Over 9000       
  • ASH %                 less than 0.25
  • FINES %              less than 0.50


Our pellet plant, located in Shelton, WA, is considered one of the cleanest and most efficient pellet plants in North America. Built in 2008, this plant uses the newest and most efficient pellet production technologies. The entire pellet production process is monitored by computer sensors to insure that every bag meets our high quality standards.